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The Chassis

Custom built Vanshing Point Chrome Moly Pro Modified Chassis, Certified to 25.1E "7.49 Seconds and Quicker; 2,750 lbs. Maximum" 115 Inch wheelbase


Full Floater, Strange Engineering Axles, Spool Center Section, Dual Wheelie Bar, Strange Lightweight Billet Struts, Strange Lightweight Billet Calipers, Vented Steel Rotor

Engine and Transmission

-Engine Type
BAE Billet Aluminum 526 cubic inch Chrysler Hemi
- Power Adder And Fuel
Supercharger, Carbon Fiber Fuel Injector Hat, 
- Ignition
MSD 44 Pro Magneto, MSD Wires, On-Board Racepac Datalogger.
- Approximate Power
Approximately 2,400 earth rotating horses, 1,450 pound feet of torque @ 9,800 RPM.

- Performance To Date
6.25 seconds @ 228 MPH


RJS Fireproof Suit, RJS Helmet, Hans Neck Restraint System, RJS 5-Point Harness, Dual RJS Fireproof Parachutes, 20 Lbs On-Board Fire Extinguishers

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